Gas or Electric?

Gas or Electric?

How to know if your property has gas:

As you are preparing a property to rent, it is important to know whether or not your home has gas.

  1. Check the hot water heater

If there is a yellow or red corrugated pipe connected to the bottom of the heater then it is fueled by gas. Two covers on the front of the heater indicate an electric heater.

Pic 1: Gas Pic 2: Electric

     2. Check the stovetop

Stoves with pilot lights or strikers are gas powered. Generally stoves with glass tops are electric.

Pic 1: Gas Pic 2: Electric

3. Check the heating sources

If your home has a fireplace, look for a gas starter and key. Furnaces will have a yellow or silver corrugated hose attached.

Pic 1: Gas Pic 2: Electric.

  1. Check for a gas meter

Gray gas meters are located outside of the home and signify gas. It is good to know the site of the meter. In the event of a gas leak, plumbers will need to turn off the gas at the meter before testing the lines.


If your property has gas, be sure to install carbon monoxide detectors in each hallway outside of bedrooms. Follow this link for a list of other Texas rental property code items: “Is Your Property Up to Code? Smoke Detectors. PMI Big D Properties is happy to help you identify your heating sources get your property ready to rent.  Contact us today.  


Information Resource: Isaac Gann with Panther City Plumbing