Up to Code? –Doors–

Up to Code? –Doors–
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Is your Property up to Code?



Safety is important for the tenants of rental properties. The Texas Property Code, Subchapter D, Sections 92.151 – 92.170 require the following for the doors of a leased home:

  1. Door Viewer

Every Door exterior door in a rental property requires a door viewer in each exterior door including the door to the garage. The viewer can include, but is not limited to, a small peephole or a window.

  1. Keyless Bolting Device

In addition to a doorknob lock required on each exterior door, a keyless bolting device is also necessary. The device cannot be a sliding lock or a chain lock. Follow this link to detailed information regarding locks: Locks and other Security Devices.

  1. Sliding door security bar or latch

If one of the exterior doors is a sliding door then a sliding door security bar or latch must be installed. The bar must be placed on the inside of the sliding door to prevent it from opening on the outside.

  1. Rekey between each tenant

The property must be rekeyed between each tenant. Owners are financially responsible for rekeying unless the lessee specifically requests for a rekey during their tenancy.


In addition to rekeying a property, a locksmith can often assist with installing a door viewer, keyless bolting device, and security bar. If you are a DIY person, you can also install a few of these items yourself. Keyless bolting devices and sliding door security bars or latches can all be found at your local hardware store.


If getting your property up to code seems overwhelming, consider hiring a professional property management company like PMI Big D Properties. We can walk through your property and offer suggestions to make sure your house is rent ready. Contact us today at 214-438-3905.